Our Sponsors

we value our partners

Support provided by these businesses and organizations make it possible

for us to create and host this family-friendly event

for those living in or traveling through our historic neighborhood.

Donation Wish List:
- Case of Bananas or Fresh Fruit for Runners

- Cases of Water Bottles for Runners

- Donations of Prizes and Gift Certificates for Runners

- Volunteers for Troll Hobble 5k Fun Run

For more information on the opportunity to become a sponsor,

please contact Sherry Groom, Owner of The Troll Hole Museum

at 330-596-1157 or TheTrollHole22@Gmail.com.

Troll Hole Logo.jpg

The Troll Hole Museum

MDCC Logo.jpg

Mad Dogs and Crazy Cats

SSBM - Facebook Profile Pic 1.jpg

Sticks Stones Bones

and Magic

Visit Canton Logo.jpg

Canton Visitors' Bureau

Second Sole Logo.jpg

Second Sole Canton

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Springhill Suites Canton

Grumpy Troll Logo.jpg

Grumpy Troll Cafe

Wisecracks Logo.jpg

Wisecracks Comedy

Escape Room

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Alliance Chamber

of Commerce

Body Armor Logo.jpg

Body Armor Sports Drink

Stark Parks Logo.jpg

Stark County Parks

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Home2 Suites Canton

Sponsor - Fairfield Inn.jpg

Fairfield Inn Canton

b. Lisa trummer
Tanner Real Estate
damon industries